open letter to the girl who left us for her (not so great) boyfriend

Well… lets start out by saying that every single school has their “cliques”. Mine just so happened to form around my second grade year at the smallest feeder school in the county. As we wiggled our way through grade school, girls were in and out of our group; but for the most part, everyone usually stayed.

Of course we had our days.. sometimes our weeks. But eventually, we all ended up back at our usual spot making fun of boys and taking selfies.

Almost everyone will warn you before you start high school that you will have to make new friends because your “group” will split in a million different directions. And well, me and my wonderful group of friends beat the odds and stuck together through it all. Of course there were strays here and there and some friends moved, dropped out, or just fell off the face of the earth.

Except you.

You are still around. You didn’t move, drop out, or decide to devote your life to the lovely realm of the drug world. You fell in love. And you fell hard. We’ve all been there and we all know how it feels to finally find someone who you believe to love you with every ounce of their soul. And sometimes they really do. But what we all didn’t do, is abandon the group due to the new boy in our lives. We still made time for eachother. You did not.

We all knew something wasn’t right when you began distancing yourself from us.. only coming around when he’s with you and only staying if he could stay. That was the first sign that this relationship was about to be cut off from the support of us girls.

Then.. you began to turn your back on us. Speaking terrible things about us to your boyfriend and whoever else is around to hear it. Only because we wanted the best for you and didn’t want you to end up hurt like the rest of us. You still had a pure heart until this boy. You had never been heartbroken and we didn’t want this to be your first.

You started to become paranoid. You actually started believing that we would be evil enough to try to “steal” him away from you. That was the last thing we would want from him. You started questioning not only his loyalty, but ours too; that was our very last straw with this hurricane of a relationship that you call love.

You were our very bestfriend, one of our soulmates. We can see the pain that you are in, even if you cannot. You are a wonderful, beautiful woman who deserves so much more in life and we hope that someday you will finally realize this.

And when that day comes, there will be no “I told you so” or ignored texts. We were here in the beginning and we will be here in the end. Just because we don’t want to surround ourselves with the toxicity of your relationship doesn’t mean we do not care and love for you. We miss you and we hope that you will come back to us soon.


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